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The design of our winery and the winemaking practices employed reflect a dedication to quality winemaking that puts our winery into an elite category.

Custom Wines: We produce wines, made under contract, to each client’s specifications. This allows our clients to lock in availability and a guaranteed price and plan for the growth of their programs while maintaining consistency and supply. The vineyard practices and winemaking protocols are specified for each client to achieve the wine style desired. For example, our Monterey Chardonnay can be used as a fruit component of a larger blend or taken to a high-end, estate level wine by including oak and lees stirring.

Bulk Wines: We have an inventory of high-end bulk wines available for our clients to start new programs, adjust their blends, and manage their inventories. We ship wine and juice across the U.S. and overseas in quantities from 300 gallons to multiple truck/container loads.

Brand Production: We will produce your wine internally from our own grapes and bulk inventory, or go to the market to find a specific appellation or variety that meets your needs. Our team will price, order, receive and package all bottling components with your custom made wine and deliver to you a turnkey product made to your exact specifications. Your dollars are better spent marketing and selling your brand. Let Scheid be your brand production partner.

Varietal Description/ Regions
bulletChardonnay Ranges from classic coastal flavors that are fruit-forward, crisp apple to a tropical, melon style.
bulletSauvignon Blanc Ranges from crisp gooseberry, citrus and cut green grass flavors to fruity, apple, melon.
bulletGewürztraminer Dry to sweet, standard to late harvest. Great tasting room wine or floral addition to white blends.
bulletWhite Riesling Floral, grapefruit, and honeysuckle flavors.
bulletPinot Noir Range of clones (Pommard, 23, 2A, 115, 667, 777, and others). Flavors of cherry and berry to earthy and herbal.
bulletMerlot Red & black fruit, plum, full-bodied, rich deep color and supple tannins.
bulletSyrah Fruit forward, jammy, with white pepper, leather notes. Dark color, stand-alone wine or great blender for many reds.
bulletCabernet Sauvignon Red currant and ripe black fruit. Earthy and true to varietal characteristics.
bulletPetite Sirah Inky, full-bodied, rich wine with blackberry notes. Deep color and texture for pumping up Pinot Noir and Syrah blends or as a standalone wine.
bulletPetit Verdot Full body, firm, violet flavors. Great blender for Bordeaux varieties.
bulletSoledad / Greenfield Region
Typified by moderate weather conditions and cool afternoon winds. Evening coastal fogs in spring and summer often linger until mid-morning the following day. This natural cooling effect slows photosynthesis and causes a unique lengthening of the growing season. Wines exhibit varietal intensity, with vivid aromas and fruit.

bulletSan Lucas Region
Warm days followed by cool winds in the late afternoon present excellent climatic conditions for growing top quality grapes. The gentle slopes are well-drained and water permeability is moderate. San Lucas is probably the most consistent and versatile AVA of Monterey County.

bulletHames Valley Region
Similar daytime highs to the Paso Robles growing region but temperatures drop dramatically when the sun goes down. Long, warm days make this an ideal area for sun-loving reds, while the extreme day-to-night temperature differential helps to preserve the balance of the fruit and maintain acidity, resulting in full-bodied, intense wines.
The design of our winery and the winemaking practices employed reflect a dedication to quality winemaking that puts our winery into an elite category.