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Our winery offers luxury level winemaking on a large scale, with gentle and efficient fruit handling, superior sanitation, world-class staffing, and state-of-the-art technology. From the small estate client who is looking for exquisite wines to the large client who requires a more economical approach, we provide the following features and winemaking options to satisfy your needs:
  • Red fermenters ranging in size from 6 tons to 100 tons
  • 36 open-top 6, 12, and 25-ton red fermenters with punch-down cap management
  • Direct-to-press red pomace transfer
  • Dedicated pump-over pumps with venturi macro-ox injection
  • Lyco seed removal system during racking
  • Oversized tank cooling and heating systems, computerized networked thermostats, and a fully-enclosed building to ensure reliable temperature control
  • Micro-oxygenation, cross-flow filtration, centrifuge and alcohol and VA removal capability
  • D-rings installed for oak adjuvants
  • Storage tank sizes from 500 to 132,000 gallons, for efficient breakdown and blending capacity
  • Flash Detenté
  • Dedicated bottling facility (2015)
Our winery has state-of-the-art laboratory services utilizing the Foss GrapeScan, WineScan, and FIAstar 5000 systems, backed up by extensive wet chemistry systems and procedures. Our highly trained laboratory technicians work closely with our winemakers to monitor your wines at all stages of processing and storage.